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Buy Stockings Toronto

Buy Stockings Toronto. Are you interested in buying stockings and live in Toronto? Have you heard about the Swedish success company Swedish Stockings and would like to have the very best and the most sustainable Stockings there is? Then maybe you should order your new Stockings here. 

Buy Stockings Toronto here. Swedish Stockings is the worlds first sustainably made stockings and the company was founded late in 2013 by two young women called Linn Frisinger and Nadja Forsberg in Stockholm, Sweden. Everything in the work with Swedish Stockings is about cool design, highest quality and being sustainable and in that work its also a lot of focus on creating stockings that really last longer then usual. 

Buy Stockings Toronto

Just check out our different types of Stockings, control tops and knee highs here and place your first order. Your new sustainable, very well designed and environmentally friendly stockings will be delivered to your home adress within a couple of days.  

Buy premium stockings
 - choose from 5 different premium stockings here. 
Buy patterned stockings - choose from our 4 different types of patterned stockings.
Buy our control top here - Anna control top 
Buy knee highs here -  choose from 2 different knee high models

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If you like your new Swedish Stockings hosiery you can make it a subscription here. When you subscribe to the worlds first eco friendly stockings you will also get updated with news about our upcoming collections and be the first to know about special offers and other news from Swedish Stockings. And when you subscribe you will never have to worry about having to go out and buy new stockings since you will get new once every week or at you own choice. 

Buy stockings London here and please email us with your feedback of our products. We are equally happy for good supporting emails tellings us about how good our products are as we are for emails telling us about possibilities to be even better. Its always possible to make things just a little bit better so please dont hesitate to email us. 

Read and listen to our story here
Read about the background and the words from our founders Nadja and Linn here.