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La belle vie

Skriven av Johanna Juelsson


Publicerat maj 19 2021

Shelim studies at Beaux Art Paris, Leonie works at the Art Direction department at Balenciaga. Lucile is studying to become an actor and almost every weekend she invites friends over to stay at her family’s large house, where she resides alone.

To the left, Leonie in our Nora tights, on the right Shelim in our Jill bike shorts enjoying the first signs of summer. 

The meeting point always seems to be the kitchen, Shelim in our Svea tights and Leonie in our Nora tights. 

Shelim to the left in Jill bike shorts, to the right Lucile in our Svea tights looking peacefull after days of fun and games with her friends. 

The dreamiest weekend away, all captured by Swedish photographer Elsa Hammarén.The music is playing whilst Elsa moves silently around with her camera. Her portraits of her friends are beautiful, intimate and honest, and we are thankful she’s shared these moments with us.

To learn more about Elsa and her work, visit her website here.


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